Alexander Matthews


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Do You Love This Planet?
Comments by Sian Webber (British TV and soap opera actress and theatre director):
'I have just read your new play for a second time and have tried to articulate some of my responses. I hope they may be useful. Here goes:

The question put by Schumann to his wife Rachel, which sets in motion the events of the play, is urgent and provocative. And (it seems slightly crass to say it) hugely relevant.
The play takes surprising, enjoyable and sometimes shocking twists and turns which I found absorbing and fascinating.

The play bristles with intelligence and is deeply felt in its theatrical exploration of themes, of responsibility – family – intimacy – loyalty, love and madness.

It creates its own world as the best work does.

I should also say that despite the seriousness at the heart of the play it is full of humour and, for me, has an almost anarchic quality which I greatly enjoyed.'

Comments by Jack Klaff (actor, writer, theatre director, with four visiting theatre director professorships at Princeton University):
'It is an excellent and thorough piece of work.

As I’m sure you’ll realize, it is in many respects unusual. Indeed in one or two ways it is quite unlike anything I’ve come across in dramatic writing. Of course that is a good thing.'

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Glass Roots
GLASS ROOTS is 'admired for its dialogue' .. 'imaginative and energetically written' (quotes from readers at the Royal Court). ..'A well-wrought piece'.

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Screaming Secrets
Here are some comments on SREAMING Secrets by readers at the National Theatre:

'imaginatively conceived and confidently written' ... 'strong potential drama'.. 'out-Stoppards Stoppard'... 'an intelligent piece... well-structured and lovingly written'.. 'stimulating '-' well contructed'... 'great energy' 'an engaging piece of writing, not least in its exploration of psycho-therapeutic issues...'