Alexander Matthews


Alexander Matthews was born in New York City in 1942. He taught Philosophy in a number of universities between 1975 and 1989. In 1986 he was awarded a Visiting Fellowship to Princeton University.

His writings include A Diagram of Definition (on the Philosophy of Language, published in 1997). Other writings include three full-length dramatic poems: The Chairman (1966), Mr. Swettham (1969) and Current Affairs (1971). Further writings include: Brother to Sister (a book of short stories, 1972), Human Physics (humour, 1973), A Traveller's Maze (a travel book, 1974).

He then wrote three poetic dramas: Screaming Secrets (2001), Glass Roots (2003) and Do You Love This Planet? (2014).

Published essays include: Philosophy and Human Rights (International Journal of Human Rights - 1997), How Some Scientists Erode The Human Rights We Value (ibid. 2000), and The Universe Has No Beginning? Doubts About The Big Bang Theory (Physics Essays 2006).

For 15 years Dr. Matthews has chaired the Martha Gellhorn Trust Prize Committee, which offers a prize for journalism annually. He has also chaired the NSubF Committee, which advises the UK government on the disposal of nuclear waste from submarines, for ten years, and has been chairman of the local Kingsbridge Peace Group for twenty-seven years.