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Alexander Matthews

Alexander Matthews | Author

Now living in the beautiful South Devon region of the UK, Alexander Matthews was born in New York City in 1942. He has published in philosophy and physics. His other writings include poetic drama, plays, short stories and a travel book. - please click here to purchase online.

My One True Friend

By Alexander Matthews
1970 Rhodesia. - Two families, two different lives.
Preparations are in hand for the irascible Lady L’s birthday party, but her children are there not for family loyalty or celebration, but to claim what they feel is rightly theirs.

On another part of the estate, Kapenie and his grandson argue about loyalty. Kapenie is loyal to a family but not his own, and the generational divide is splitting even wider.

Set against a backdrop of prejudice and inequality, My One True Friend has a profound and life-altering friendship at its heart.
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Lazarus Revived

By Alexander Matthews
This book offers arguments on the nature of consciousness, that it’s not really in the brain but in something in some man-made artificial entities. It talks about pluriverses as opposed to the universe and argues against the Big Bang theory. As such it is a quick tour among some of the fundamental questions of our times.

It points out the problems of E=MC2 as an equation. And that epistemology is far more subjective than we normally realise. In short, it is intended as a tour through some of the most troubled thoughts that we are likely to have. It may be that, as a result of this book, some of your attitudes to life will be altered. Good luck with it.
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Do You Love This Planet?

Tristan Bates Theatre, Covent Garden - March 2019
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Do You Love This Planet? - Highlights
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